How to Check NSDL and UTI PAN Card Status Online – Pan Card Tracking

How to Check NSDL and UTI PAN Card Status Online: Howdy friends! Good Morning. So are you looking for to Know about Your Pan Card and NSDL & UTI Pan Card Status Online? If yes then you landed in the right place.PAN, the abbreviation used for Permanent Address Number, is known to serve as an identity proof as well as to identify Indian tax payers. PAN Cards are unique for each PAN holder through the unique PAN number given to anyone holding a PAN Card. These unique PAN numbers for each PAN Card follows a specific format. It is a 10-digit alphanumeric code where the first five places of this code consist of alphabets, followed by the next four places of the code being numbers, followed by the last place of the code again is an alphabet. For example, a Pan number looks like AAAAA9999A.

How to Check NSDL and UTI PAN Card Status Online

For those people, who have applied for a PAN card, you must be waiting. Well, it is a common process. Nobody gets their PAN Card at that very instance. It does take some time. However, if you are curious on to find your application status, you can do it with a few clicks via an online process. Now we shall have a brief discussion on how to check your NSDL and UTI Pan Card Status Online. Here’s How the PAN card Looks.

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PAN Card Status

Pan Card Importance & Use of It.

  • PAN Card is required when you want to start a new business.
  • PAN Card is important if you want to Start Online Business and Get it approval.
  • PAN Card is used when you want to Pay Income Tax.
  • For PAN Card Application, Indians have to Fill the 49A form while Foreigners have to fill 49AA form.

Note:  If you are not an Indian, but you want to start a Business, PAN Card is required. That doesn’t mean you can use PAN Card to consider yourself as a Citizen of India. In order to apply for PAN, you should have a Valid VISA.

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How can I Apply for PAN Card?

There is two way by which you can Apply for Pan Card[either online or offline]. They are as follow.

  • By visiting the PAN Card Agency near you[Offline]
  • You can apply online for PAN via Sites such as NDSL or UTI[Obviously It’s online]

How to Check PAN Card Status?

There are two methods through which you can apply for your PAN card. First being NSDL and second being UTI. We shall discuss how you can check your PAN card application status by both the above-mentioned methods. Let us know how to Check PAN Card Status if you’ve applied through NSDL.

How to Check Your NSDL PAN Card Status?

To check your NSDL PAN Card application status, you can do so by following the below mentioned simple and easy steps.

  • Visit the official website for NSDL Pan Card, and you can see a page with many options.

Check NSDL PAN Card Status

  • Next is to fill up the entire form. Below mentioned are some of the key specifications you should know if somehow you are in a fix with filling up the form.
    • Under Application Type, select “PAN- New/Change ”
    • Under Acknowledgement Number, you can either fill up your given acknowledgment number or you can fill up your name instead.
    • Under Name, you have to enter your entire full name as mentioned in the application form.
    • Under the Date of Birth/Incorporation/Agreement/Trust/Formation/Association section, fill up your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY.
  • After you are done filling up all these required information, click on the “Submit” option.

After clicking on the submit option, you will be redirected to another page where you can get all the details of your PAN Card Status. Though the online application is fast and secure, still the old school rules and it is always better to opt for the offline application to check your PAN status.

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How to Check Your Check UTI PAN Card Status?

To check your UTI PAN Card application status, you can do so by following the below mentioned simple and easy steps.

  • Visit the official website for UTI PAN Card application status if you happen to have your Application coupon number for PAN Card tracking.

Check UTI PAN Card Status

  • Enter the application coupon number which you should have been received when you filled up your PAN Card application form.
    • Application Coupon Number: You will have received your Application Coupon Number when you have applied for the PAN Card.
    • PAN Number: If you have received your PAN number, then you can also enter your PAN Number.
    • Once entered, You can click on Submit to get Current Status of your UTI PAN Card Status.

After clicking on the submit option, you will be redirected to a new page where you can find all the details of your PAN Card application status. This process is called the PAN Card Tracking and is known to be the fast, easiest and secure way of checking your Application PAN Card Status.

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NSDL Pan Card Application Form Tutorial

NSDL Pan Card Application Form Tutorial: As we all know, it is extremely important to hold a PAN Card as an identity proof once you are above the age of 18 years. But, for owning such PAN Card, there are certain rules and regulations along with the right approach required by you to follow to register for a PAN Card successfully. To save time and to be more efficient, the provision for applying online is also available. Here you can do your Pan Card Tracking.

Today we will discuss such a method of the online process where you can Apply for your PAN Card through NSDL. To learn more about how to go about it, carefully go through the following section.

Steps to apply for a PAN Card through NSDL

In this section of the article, we shall discuss how you can go about to fill up the NSDL Pan Card Application form from Tutorial given here. So let us go through the different steps which are necessary and important.

  • First of all, you need to register yourself with the official NSDL website. In the given form, under “Application Type,” select “NEW PAN” to make your new PAN Card. Next, select “Individual” under the section of “Category.” Next, select your name title, as in, Smt.Shri or Kumari. Followed by the title, give in your name, just as per the required format. Now, you need to enter your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY followed by your mobile number of 10 digits and your email id. Once all these are correct and successfully filled up, enter the given captcha showed, in order to prove that you are not a robot operating the process.

NSDL Pan Card Application Form

NSDL Pan Card Application Form

  • After the registration is done, you will be provided with a token number, which will also be sent to your email id. Keep a note of this token number as it will come into future use.

  • Now, you need to fill up your personal details. The first section is the Aadhaar number which you have to enter, provided you possess an Aadhaar card. Next, you need to fill up your full name, same as filled up during signing up. If you were known by another name before, then provide your other name by clicking on “yes” under “Have you ever been known by any other name,” else click on “no.” Now, you need to fill up all the details of your parents as required in the given format. After all, these, click “Next.”

  • Now you need to fill up your contact and other details. Here you have to mention about your source of income (if any), the address of communication, residential or office address, telephone number, email id and details of the representative assessee.

  • If you are an Indian citizen, then click on “Indian Citizen” followed by entering state and city. You will get a list of AO codes which you have to select according to your area.

  • This is the last section. Here you have to provide your document details. Scan copies of your identity proof, address proof and date of birth proof and upload them to deposit the required documents.

  • Click on the declaration part to declare all your details are truly followed by entering the place where you are applying from followed by the online payment of fees of form and application and thereby, your application will be successfully made and accepted.

If you are following these instructions carefully, then it is that easy to apply online without fuss. But if not followed properly, this process may become very complex and confusing, and you may end up in a fix. Also, remember to check all your entered details double to avoid any kind of mistakes. We are hoping that we were successful in making you understand the process in a simpler way.

UTI Pan Card Application Form Tutorial

Nowadays it is very necessary to own a PAN Card. There are obvious reasons to be, the most important being; PAN Card reacts as an identity proof. So, it is very important that you won a PAN Card for yourself. Also, at many places, only PAN Card is accepted as proofs. Today, we are going to discuss how you can apply for a PAN Card through UTI. Now, there are alternatives for UTI, but today we are more concerned about application through UTI.

So let us dig into deeper matters regarding the application of PAN Card through UTI.

How to apply for a PAN Card through UTI?

Today you are going to learn the different steps and process of UTI Pan Card Application from Tutorial of the kind shown below. Follow the steps carefully and do as mentioned to apply for a PAN Card successfully.

  1. Visit the official website of UTI for Pan Card Application form.
  1. On viewing the form, you will see the Form 49A which is for application of Pan Card. The first thing you need to do is select the right category under “Status of the Applicant.” If you are applying for yourself or to be precise, if the application is for singular, click on “Individual.”
  1. Now you need to fill up the “NAME SECTION.” Under this section, first, you have to type your name in the given format. Once you have done so, check the spelling if everything is correct. Automatically, you will see that the same details have been entered on “Name on Card.” If you want, you can edit and make necessary changes. Next, if you had no epidemic of your name or not known by other names before, then click on “no” or else click “yes” and provide your old name. after this, you need to enter your date of birth, gender, and details about your parents in the form that is required. Double check all information before proceeding to next section.
  1. Now you need to fill up the “ADDRESS SECTION.” Under this section, first, you need to entire your address in full that means all information like building name or number, flat number, floor number and much You may select your “address of communication” same as your address as this is the address where your PAN Card will be delivered. If you wish, you may give another address too, depending on where you want your PAN Card will be delivered. Next is to enter your mobile number along with the STD or ISD codes, your email id in full, Aadhaar number (provided you possess an Aadhaar card already) and lastly you have to state whether you are a citizen of India. Double check all details before proceeding to next section.
  1. Now you need to fill up the “INCOME SECTION.” Under this section, all you need to do is mention your source of income. Double check your details before proceeding to the next section.
  1. Now you need to fill up the “REPRESENTATIVE ASSESSEE.” Under this section, enter all the required details of your representative assessee as required.
  1. In the next section, you have to upload scanned copies of address, identity, and date of birth proofs.
  1. In the last section, the “CONFIRMATION SECTION,” you need to declare that all details provided by you are true and thus hereby you declare your details. Finally, your application is made!

Well, that was all. It is quite an easy process to read and go through. But, on doing it practically, it may be complex and difficult if instructions are not followed carefully. So, while filling up this form, be really careful. Hopefully, we could make you understand the entire process in an easier and acceptable method.

Customer Support for PAN Card Tracking

It doesn’t matter if you have applied for NSDL PAN Card or UTI PAN Card as both have their own customer support and if you had to face any sort of problem while checking your PAN Card application status or track your PAN Card application, then you can immediately contact the customer support for both of them. There exists the Official NSDL Customer Care Page and the Official UTI Customer Care Page. There are contact numbers provided there so that you can feel free to call anytime and do know that these numbers are toll-free.

How to apply for a new PAN Card?

If you haven’t yet got hold of your PAN Card, then you can apply for a PAN Card through NSDL or UTI by just filling up a simple form. Now, do be very careful while you fill out this form because if by any chance your concentration lies somewhere else, then this can be one of the most complex forms to fill up. But, before going about with the process, make sure you have one copy of your identity proof, address proof, photograph and birth certificate scanned in the form of a soft copy (provided you opt for online filling up process).

How to verify your PAN Card through Online PAN Verification?

It is extremely important to verify your PAN Card once you get hold of it. One can verify his or her PAN Card through an online process. There are two options available. First is verification by name where you have to enter your name and date of birth. Second is verification by PAN number where you have to enter just the PAN number itself.

How to know your PAN Jurisdiction?

Jurisdiction means to possess official powers to make legal decisions, and each and every PAN has its jurisdictions. To know your jurisdiction online, you just need to follow a tutorial in helping you to do so.

How to correct or change information on PAN Card?

To change your present information or correct them, you can apply for a correction form anytime you want. In the case your PAN Card is lost or damaged, you can apply for a new card via the same form. Do remember, if you are married and you want your name changed, a copy of your proof of marriage is mandatory. Here you can check your Aadhar Card Status

How to know you PAN if your card is lost?

In case your PAN card is lost, you need to apply for a new one, and in that case, you need to know your PAN number. If by any chance you don’t know, you can follow a simple guide of “Know your PAN” to receive your PAN number successfully.

In case, if you are facing any Issues while checking the PAN Card Status through NSDL & UTI, you can directly contact Customer care number of NSDL or UTI.

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To Contact Visit on the link below:

The Customer care representatives are too good, they will try their best to solve your problem.

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